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You are confusing two things. Starting bash as bash -v will start a bash shell in which the set -v ( set -o verbose ) shell option is set.


Astrue · insert_drive_fileMeier v. Totem Ocean Trailer Express, Inc. insert_drive_fileRiggs v. Dep't of Corr. insert_drive_fileRoorda v. Pierce Manufacturing, Inc ...


Example. #!/usr/bin/env bash NAME="John" echo "Hello $NAME!" ... See: Unofficial bash strict mode ..... command -V cd #=> "cd is a function/alias/ whatever" ...


While most of the techniques stated here are correct, bash 4.2 supports an actual ..... -v SOMEVARIABLE ] #note the lack of a $ sigil then echo "Variable is unset" ...


Jan 1, 2019 ... the ALJ found Dr. Bash's report unclear or had ques- ..... Disability Law News — January 2019. BULLETIN BOARD. Astrue v. Capato, ex rel.


Feb 6, 2017 ... Dr. Bash, a spine surgeon, began treating Messina some time in 2011. [See ..... v. Astrue, 537 F.3d 117, 128 (2d Cir. 2008) (quoting 20 C.F.R. ...


705 F.3d 34 - LATIN AMERICAN MUSIC v. MEDIA ... 705 F.3d 267 - ON COMMAND VIDEO CORP. v. ROTI, United ... v. ASTRUE, United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit. ... v. BASH BACK!, United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.


SHELLY JONES V. MICHAEL ASTRUE Date: December 31 ... USA V. JUAN HERNANDEZ-HERNANDEZ Date: December 31 ...... Church, et al v. Bash Back!