Jul 2, 2018 ... v. JEFFERSON B. SESSIONS, III, U. S. ATTORNEY GENERAL, ... Irma Merino Alvarado, a native and citizen of El Salvador, petitions for.


(“Discharged and Retired Employees of the Comptroller”) V. Perú" ... the Court in its LXI Ordinary Period of Sessions held from November 20 to .... Mercado, Luis Fernando; Merino Sánchez, Eduardo; Mesías Sandoval, Vidal ... Sosa Castillo, Julio Edmundo; Soto Bautista, Emilio Felipe; Taboada Morales, César Hugo; Tapia.


Nov 25, 2004 ... Court of Human Rights at its forty-ninth regular session in an order of November ...... The presiding Judge, Marcos Ibazeta Merino, was challenged because, in .... those relating to the Castillo Petruzzi et al. case, which referred to the ...... Leoncio Torres Bautista; Pacífico Abdiel Castrellón Santamaría; Rider ...


Apr 19, 2006 ... Glycogen storage disease type V (GSDV, McArdle disease) is a metabolic ... (2) The non-ischemic lactate forearm test [Kazemi-Esfarjani et al 2002] .... aerobic exercise training program including five weekly sessions of walking ..... Bautista J , Jiménez S, Cabello A, Lucía A, Andreu AL, Arenas J, Martin MA.


Aug 6, 2018 ... 2013 decision in Agency for Int'l Dev. v. Alliance .... New York Hospital Association, et al. for leave ...... session of a controlled substance in ...... Merino v. ...... (509983/17)—Motion Granted. Batista v. Jude (504672/18)—Motion.


Author(s): EM Smith, B Williams-Jones, Z Master, V Larivière, CR Sugimoto, .... Author(s): ML Rudd, X Zhang, NF Hansen, NISC Comparative Sequencing Program, S Zhang, MJ Merino, JC Mullikin, DW .... Author(s): Q Brail, A Schmiechan, P Batista ...... Author(s): EM Conway, ET Beulick, EL Ball, AC Sylvetsky, AB Courville, ...


Nov 8, 2013 ... Belarmino Constanzo Merino; (5) Manuel Osvaldo López Ovanedel; (6) Ernesto ... At its 130th period of sessions, the IACHR invited the parties to a hearing regarding this ..... 14 I-A Court H.R., Case of Almonacid-Arellano et al v. ...... Lieutenants Matig and Duffey, also Commander Juan Bautista González.


Sep 22, 2017 ... ... et Environnement, Faculté des Sciences, Université Mohammed V, Rabat, ... lead exposure affected the locomotor activity rhythm in rats (Collins et al., 1984). ... rats were tested once in a quiet and dimly lit for 5 min session. ..... Almirall, H., Bautista, V., Sanchez-Bahillo, A., and Trinidad-Herrero, M. (2001).


Jul 10, 2018 ... All the patients have been more than 5 years HD vintage with regular twice- weekly HD or ..... A longer HD session time, a higher spKt/V, a close monitor and a personalized ... Patients in ShanghaiLin X., Lin X., Xinghui Lin, Yan Y. et al. ... Ghahremani-Ghajar M, Rojas-Bautista V, Lau WL, Pahl M, Hernandez ...