'Wind-up' radios that require no batteries have put power in the hands of campers in Canada ... (BayGen would be renamed the Freeplay Energy Group in 1999.) ...


This allowed him to set up BayGen Power Industries in Cape Town, South Africa, ... That year, an improved version of the Freeplay Radio made its debut.


Freeplay Companion Replacement Aerial ... Freeplay Eyemax/Ranger Rechargeable Battery Pack ... Freeplay Indigo/Jonta Rechargeable Battery Pack.


BayGen Freeplay Self-Powered Lantern, 1998. Torches ... The first Freeplay radios and this torch have a clockwork motor, which seems like quite a good idea .


Freeplay radio for sale: Freeplay DEVO DAB / FM Windup Rechargeable ... Details: radio, baygen, freeplay, portable, wind, trevor, baylis, solar, cell, does.


Sep 6, 2002 ... Clockwork Radios, from the edited h2g2, the Unconventional Guide to Life, ... A company called BayGen Power Industries was set up in Cape Town, ... was invited to present one of the first of the Freeplay Radios (as they were ...


Freeplay Baygen Ranger AM/FM Solar/Crank Radio Self-sufficient AM/FM Radios assure listening, anytime, anywhere. Purchase for gifts, friends or family and ...


Client: Baygen (Freeplay Energy) Project: Wind-up torch. Category: Product Design. Along a similar vein to the FPR2 radio mentioned above, the Freeplay ...


At first glance, it would seem similar to the Baygen Freeplay radios from South Africa, but closer inspection reveals something else. Whereas the Baygen units ...