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This allowed him to set up BayGen Power Industries in Cape Town, South Africa, ... That year, an improved version of the Freeplay Radio made its debut.


Jun 28, 2000 ... The inventor of the windup radio is field testing a pair of boots that ... who founded BayGen Power Industries to mass produce the radios. The Freeplay radio and related products like a windup lantern are now sold worldwide.


Trevor Baylis wanted to make a radio that ran without mains electricity or ... It funded Staines and Stear s company BayGen (now known as Freeplay) to set up a ...


Freeplay Companion Replacement Aerial ... Freeplay Eyemax/Ranger Rechargeable Battery Pack ... Freeplay Indigo/Jonta Rechargeable Battery Pack.


A history of WIFM is at least in part a history of fm radio, because WIFM is one of ...... It's called the "Bay Gen Free Play", and if you've ever been frustrated at the ...


At first glance, it would seem similar to the Baygen Freeplay radios from South Africa, but closer inspection reveals something else. Whereas the Baygen units ...


Manufactured by BayGen Power Company Ltd. molded plastic, metal; Gift of ... The Freeplay Radio evinces the importance of communication and design in a ...


BayGen Freeplay Self-Powered Lantern, 1998. Torches ... The first Freeplay radios and this torch have a clockwork motor, which seems like quite a good idea .


Mar 5, 2018 ... Inventor Trevor Baylis, who created the wind-up radio, has died ... The following year BayGen Power Industries was set up in Cape Town, South Africa employing disabled workers to manufacture the Freeplay Wind Up Radio.