Turner & Newall was a leading manufacturing business based in Manchester, United Kingdom. ... From 1939 until 2001, the company operated an asbestos mine at Havelock in Bulembu in the Kingdom ... In 1953, the company bought Porters Cement Industries Ltd, a major producer of chrysotile asbestos products, based in ...


After Federal Mogul purchased the owner of Bell Asbestos Mines in 1998, the ... Turner & Newall formed a wholly owned subsidiary, Bell Asbestos Mines Ltd., ...


Bell Asbestos Mines, also known as Bell's United Asbestos Company, Ltd., was an asbestos mining business headquartered out of Thetford, Quebec, Canada.


asbestos mines in the area, extracting chrysotile asbestos ... ... Formerly: Bell mine, Thetford Mines, Mégantic Co., Québec, Canada One of the largest and longest ..... SMITH, G.W. (1967) Bell Asbestos Mines Ltd. 1878-1967. Publ. by Bell ...


Ex. 3 to supplemental brief of Lac D'Amiante du Quebec, Ltd., at p. 3. The dissolution of North American Asbestos Corporation was completed as of May 1978.


Dec 27, 2018 ... Many companies may have manufactured and distributed asbestos or .... Wire and Cable Company; Bell Asbestos Mines Ltd. Bell Atlantic Corp.


Jan 1, 2019 ... 1888 Bell's Asbestos Co was incorporated as a Limited Company to carry on the business of asbestos mine owners and manufacturers of John ...


John B. GARDNER and Atha L. Gardner, Plaintiffs, v. ASBESTOS CORPORATION, LTD.; Bell Asbestos Mines, Ltd.; and Cassiar Mining Corporation, Defendants ...


There are a large number of companies who have been named in asbestos lawsuits over ... Bell & Gossett Company; Bell Asbestos Mines Ltd. Bell Atlantic Corp.