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Infection is the invasion and replication of microorganisms—viruses, bacteria, protozoa, or fungi—in body tissues.
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Aug 14, 2017 ... It can take as long as two years for a belly button piercing to heal completely. During that time, you're at risk for infection.


Belly button piercing infections are not common if you follow the instructions from your piercer and have your piercing done by a professional who is a member of ...


Sep 1, 2017 ... Learn about the warning signs of infected belly button piercing. How to treat and prevent infection and when you must urgently see your doctor.


The ultimate guide to belly button piercing infections, including the causes, symptoms & treatment options, as well as how to avoid infections altogether.

Apr 24, 2013 ... USE HEADPHONES. My belly button is infected and here I'm giving tips on how to take care of and clean it. It improvoed in two days from doing ...
Feb 8, 2017 ... How to : clean an infected belly button piercing. .... my belly ring is infected and it's healing around the jewel in a crater shape and only the area ...


Apr 27, 2017 ... Navel piercings are surely one of the sexiest of piercings but can get infected a lot of times. Here's how to cure an infection you got from belly ...


Mar 12, 2015 ... Do you have an infected belly button piercing? What are some of the signs and symptoms you expect to have? Lear more on infected navel ...


Infected belly button piercing is common yet is not easy to handle. Here we list 12 treatment options for you to try. Click for more details.