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Trevor Martin Chappell is a former Australian cricketer, a member of the South Australian Chappell family which excelled at cricket. He played 3 tests and 20 One Day Internationals for Australia. He won the Sheffield Shield with New South Wales twice and scored a century for Australia against India in the 1983 World Cup.


Jun 9, 2015 ... BEMORE V. CHAPPELL. 2. SUMMARY*. Habeas Corpus. The panel affirmed the district court's denial of habeas corpus relief on California state prisoner Terry Bemore's claim that his counsel was constitutionally ineffective at the guilt phase, reversed the district court's denial of habeas relief with respect to ...

Sep 10, 2014 ... A California state prisoner appeals the district court's denial of his 28 U.S.C. § 2254 habeas corpus petition challenging his jury conviction and capital se...
Apr 7, 2015 ... California state prisoner George Gage applies for authorization to file a second or successive 28 U.S.C. § 2254 habeas corpus petition challenging his 2000 j...


Aug 11, 2003 ... Case opinion for US 11th Circuit CHAPPELL v. RICH. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw. ... To pass constitutional muster, access to the courts must be more than merely formal; it must also be adequate, effective, and meaningful. Ryland v. Shapiro, 708 F.2d 967, 972 (5th Cir.1983) (citing Bounds v.


Oct 14, 2010 ... TERRY BEMORE V. KEVIN CHAPPELL In today's Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals opinions, the court AFFIRMED the district court's DENIAL of Bemore's petition for habeas relief claiming ineffective assistance of counsel at the guilt phase. The court reversed the district court's denial of habeas relief with ...


Bemore v. Chappell, ___ F.3d ___, 2015 WL 3559153 (June 9, 2015). Jan. 20, 2015 Press conference, Kamenz, Germany, on the presentation of the book Das Jahrhundertverbrechen: Die Entführung des Lindbergh-Babys. It contains the death-row memoir of Richard Hauptmann: Mutter, Ich Bin Unschuldig! (Mother, I Am ...


Nov 12, 2013 ... In 1869, an English court considered the case of Whiteley v. ... 9 Whiteley v. Chappell (1868) L.R. 4 Q.B. 147, 147. 10 Id. at 148–49. 11 Id. at 148. 12 See infra section II(A). 13 Comment, Countdown: Convictions ... non-technical meanings that can be more helpful than alternatives (e.g., intensional versus.


Jun 5, 2015 ... Opinion for United States v. Chappell-Denzer — Brought to you by Free Law Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating high quality open legal information.