The United States Social Security Administration (SSA) is an independent agency of the U.S. ... Its current leader, Deputy Commissioner of Operations Nancy Berryhill, was acting commissioner from January 19, 2017 through November 17, 2017. ..... Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives; Richardson v.


Jul 27, 2018 ... Chris Van Hollen (left) and Ben Cardin sent letters to SSA officials. ... and to Social Security Commissioner Nominee Andrew Saul and Deputy Commissioner ... In May, the Trump administration enacted three executive orders ...


B-B v. Califano (child's insurance benefits--definition of child-- presumption of ... Benjamin v. ... Commissioner (self- employment, ministers, coverage of ministerial services ... Social Security Administration (judicial review, failure to exhaust ...


Feb 9, 2017 ... On January 23, I became the acting commissioner of Social Security. ... in more than 1,500 offices across the country and around the world, ...


Abruzzo, Ben Ackerman, Ernest ... Commissioners & Board Members (Photos) Commons, Ellen ..... Administrative Expenses Oasi 1940 - 1979, 01 1957 - 1979


Daniel JUSTINIANO; Francisco Menéndez; Person A, Plaintiffs, Appellants, v. SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION; Nancy A. Berryhill, Acting Commissioner  ...


Ben Belton, Former Senior Advisor to the Acting Commissioner, Social Security Administration, and the first recipient of the Alfred J. Chiplin, Jr., Social Justice ...


a hearing before a Social Security Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), who also denied her .... (describing stages of review of claims for Social Security ben- efits) .


... LEVIN, Michigan WALLY HERGER, California BENJAMIN L. CARDIN, Maryland JIM .... 99 Office of Hearings and Appeals, Social Security Administration, Peter J. Martinelli, letter. .... The Commissioner promised new recommendations for the hearing process in the ...... In Association of Administrative Law Judges, Inc. v.