Mar 5, 2010 ... Within the Papillomaviridae, the publication by de Villiers et al. ... HPV31 in the species alpha papillomavirus 9; interspecies comparison: HPV16 vs. ...... ( Bernard et al., 2006), is being developed by some of us (Burk et al., ...


Mar 5, 2010 ... Bernard HU(1), Burk RD, Chen Z, van Doorslaer K, zur Hausen H, de Villiers EM. Author information: (1)Department of Molecular Biology and ...


Adapted from Bernard and colleagues (Bernard et al., 2010). ... from equally well- persisting NOT viruses (Burk et al., 2009; Schiffman et al., 2005). ... V. HPV VIRAL CARCINOGENICITY IS CORRELATED WITH THE EARLY VIRAL REGION.


Mar 13, 2014 ... Bernard HU, Burk RD, Chen Z, van Doorslaer K, Hausen H, de Villiers EM: ... Barzon L, Militello V, Lavezzo E, et al: Human papillomavirus ...


The different papillomavirus genera are named according to Bernard et al. ..... early vs. late) and intra-genetic (e.g. within L2) phylogenetic incongruence ( Angulo and .... differently (Garcia-Vallve et al., 2005, Van Doorslaer and Burk, 2010).


HPV 92, AF531420, Forslund et al (2003), FAIMVS2 ..... A. Antonsson, C. Erfurt, K . Hazard, V Holmgren, M. Simon, A. Kataoka, S. Hossain, C. Hakangard, B.G. ... H.U. Bernard, R.D. Burk, Z. Chen, K. van Doorslaer, H. zur Hausen, E.M. de ...


Aug 24, 2011 ... Bernard Burk was an Academic Fellow at the Rock Center for ... partner) with the firm of Howard Rice et al. in San Francisco from 1984 to 2010.


Aug 16, 2013 ... The p-distance method in MEGA v 5.05 [46] was used to calculate the ..... Bernard HU, Burk RD, Chen Z, van Doorslaer K, Hausen H et al.


Jul 1, 2014 ... Classification of disease into CIN3+ vs. <CIN3 indicated that NE ..... Bernard HU, Burk RD, Chen Z, van Doorslaer K, zur Hausen H, et al. (2010) ...