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Jun 2, 2010 ... ... in the psychiatric research community (Bernstein et al., 2007; Rush et al., 2006a). ... Episodes of Depression with Venlafaxine for Two Years (PREVENT) ... poor (κ values of 0.45 and 0.32, respectively) (Dunlop et al., 2010).


Nov 26, 2011 ... 2010; Leykin et al., 2007; Rokke et al., 1999; Raue et al. ... cognitive behavioral therapy versus escitalopram for the treatment of MDD. ... (Beck et al., 1961), Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ) (Bernstein & Fink, 1998), and .... between clinician- and self-rated outcomes of treatment (Dunlop et al., 2011).


According to a patient-reported qualitative analysis [Devlen et al. 2014] ... females are 10–30% more likely to acquire the disease than males [Bernstein et al. ..... [PubMed]; Cairns S., Scholefield J., Steele R., Dunlop M., Thomas H., Evans G., et al. ... [PubMed]; Duepree H., Senagore A., Delaney C., Brady K., Fazio V. (2002) ...


Sarah K. Peters1, Katharine Dunlop1 and Jonathan Downar1,2,3,4* .... lateral dorsomedial GPi and parvocellular mediodorsal thalamus; and (v) an anterior ... Conversely, each of the classically described CSTC loops of Alexander et al. ..... ( Vaghi et al., 2016), and altered striatal connectivity to the insula (Bernstein et al.,  ...


O. Almaini et al., MNRAS submitted (2002) astro-ph/0108400. ... E. N. Archibald, J. S. Dunlop, D. H. Hughes, S. Rawlings, S. A. Eales and R. J. Ivison, MNRAS 323 (2001) 417. ... R. A. Bernstein, W. L. Freedman and B. F. Madore, ApJ 571 ( 2002) 56. ..... O. Laurent, I. F. Mirabel, V. Charmandaris, P. Gallais, S. C. Madden,  ...


Amazon.com: Psychology (9781305114302): Douglas Bernstein: Books.


Sep 11, 2014 ... Alexandrova, O., Saur, J., & Lacombe, C. et al. ... Balogh, A., Carr, C. M., & Acuña, M. H. et al. ... Bruno, R. & Carbone, V. 2013, LRSP, 10, 2.


(Apocynaceae) by Christopher O. Okunji, as earlier described (Okunji et al., 2005 ). ..... 2001; Huang and Bergles, 2004; Huang et al., 2004; Dunlop et al., 2006).


Apr 28, 2011 ... For arachnid examples, see Henderickx et al. (2006); Penney ... spider are presently documented in the literature (Dunlop et al. 2011), with regular ..... Berendt GC (1845) Die im Bernstein befindlichen organischen Reste der Vorwelt ... Bosselaers J, Dierick M, Cnudde V, Masschaele B, Vlassenbroeck J,.