Birthday suit is an informal term for the naked human body. Birthday suit may also refer to: Contents. 1 Music; 2 Television; 3 Other; 4 References. Music[edit].


Birthday suit definition is - unclothed skin : nakedness. How to use birthday suit in a sentence.


Usually used in the phrase “in one's birthday suit”, but sometimes seen alone; for example, as in “Guess what she was wearing? Her birthday suit!” ...


Define birthday suit. birthday suit synonyms, birthday suit pronunciation, birthday suit translation, English dictionary definition of birthday suit. n. The state of ...


Birthday suit definition, bare skin; nakedness: They were sunbathing in their birthday suits. See more.


The human skin is self-sustainable with the essential functions of clothes. At the time of birth what we are wearing is called a birthday suit. Birthday suit is an ...


#birthday suit. Top Definition. Birthday suit. Basically naked , the way one is born , defined by renowned spokesmen M o h a k C. I feel really comfortable ...


in your birthday suit meaning: not wearing any clothes. Learn more.


Birthday suit definition: If you are in your birthday suit , you are not wearing any clothes. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.