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For many bird species, olfaction is critical for basic self versus non-self .... parent while the other forages at sea, for up to six days (Blackmer et al., 2005). Many also ...... bacteria is known to metabolize apocrine sweat to produce volatile organic ...


v. LIST OF FIGURES. Page. Figure 1 Large square bale sampler with the 2.5-inch .... Without your dedication and sweat, I would not have been able to accomplish half as much. .... and more feedstock per gallon of ethanol produced (Pordesimo et al., 2005) (Wang et al., 2007). ...... Blackmer, A.M., & Voss, R.D. (1997).

www.estofex.org/files/tuschy_thesis.pdf Severe weather threat index, SWEAT . . . . . . . . . ... like The Weather Research and Forecasting model, (Michalakes et al. 2001) or ..... Now the radar product for linear H/V polarization is discussed in more detail. ...... Blackmer Jr. 1988).


v. List of Tables. Table 1. Legal Locations of 10 Subdivisions Surveyed . .... altered the landscape and expanded Boulder's city boundaries in all directions. ...... in San Francisco (Gebhard et al. ) ...... expected to invest “sweat equity” and install the lawn and other plantings themselves. ...... that was originally the Blackmer tract.


water (lake water) in two choice egg-count bioassays (Herrera-Varela et al. 2014) , were ...... incubation time and comparison of autoclaved versus unmodified infusion. The data ...... Klowden and Blackmer (1987) used the olfactometer ...... mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, to two components of human sweat, ammonia.


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Animals' breath, skin, sweat, urine and ... et al. 2000). Some of such compounds induce electro-physiologic and behavioral responses in .... darkness (i.e. ammonia + darkness vs. darkness ..... lights and odors (Blackmer and Cañas 2005,.


cus (Cook 1993; Cook and Crozier 1995; van Wilgenburg et al. 2006). slCSD may itself lead ..... males and females; it was greater by 0.044 in males versus fe- males (n = 5 species .... et al. 2000). Also, severely bottlenecked populations of the sweat ..... Tonhasca, A., J. L. Blackmer, and G. S. Albuquerque. 2002. Abundance ...