The Pension Plan is administered by a Board of Trustees made up equally of representatives of the Union and of the Employers. The actions of the Trustees in  ...


California Field Iron Worker Vacation Trust Fund ... A Board of Trustees, evenly divided between Union and Management representatives, administers the Plan ...


Pension Trust. California and Vicinity Field Iron Workers Annuity Fund - Manage Vanguard Plan Account ... Each of the individual trust funds has a representative from the Board of Trustees, which serve on committees to review, oversee and ...


Sep 28, 2016 ... CALIFORNIA IRONWORKERS FIELD PENSION TRUST ... the Trustees adopted a funding improvement plan on February 17, 2011, which was ... Pension plans must file annual reports with the US Department of Labor.


CALIFORNIA IRONWORKERS FIELD PENSION TRUST. BOARD OF TRUSTEES . Employee Trustees. Employer Trustees. David Alexander. Richard Barbour.


Should you require additional information contact the Trust Office at 1-800-527- 4613 or 1-626-792-7337, or write to California Field Ironworkers Trust Funds, 131  ...


CALIFORNIA IRONWORKERS FIELD PENSION TRUST. BOARD OF TRUSTEES . Employee Trustees. Employer Trustees. Rick Davis. Richard Barbour.


California Field Ironworkers Trust Funds . . . . . . 88-96 ... Apprenticeship Trust Board of Trustees . . . . . . .93 ...... Union to the Pension Trust Fund contribution .


The Western Steel Council has many committee members including trustees and officers. Please ... California Field Ironworkers Administrative Trust. Western ...