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Sep 15, 2017 ... APPELLATE COURT OF ILLINOIS. FIRST DISTRICT. MICHAEL D. LAW,. ) Appeal from the. ) Circuit Court of. Plaintiff-Appellant,. ) Cook County. ) v. ) No. 15 CH 12938. ) THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE RIVER FOREST ) Honorable. FIREFIGHTERS' PENSION FUND and THE VILLAGE ) Anna Helen ...


Feb 2, 2010 ... Plaintiff, Darren Williams, filed an application for a line-of-duty disability pension with defendant, the Board of Trustees of the Morton Grove Firefighters' Pension Fund (Board), pursuant to section 4-110 of the Illinois Pension Code (the Pension Code) (40 ILCS 5/4-110. (West 2006)). Plaintiff subsequently ...


Dec 1, 2009 ... SUBURBAN TEAMSTERS OF NORTHERN ILLINOIS PENSION FUND BOARD OF TRUSTEES, in its capacity as Administrator of the Suburban ... Believing that he might be able to find a job that would allow him to work despite his injury, Anderson went to school from 1997 to 2001 and did not work.


JJC is directly governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees, all of whom are elected from within the district for six-year terms. Illinois Community College District 525 is one of 39 community college districts governed by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) under the Illinois Board of Higher Education ( IBHE).


The Commission consists of five (5) members; Three (3) County appointed members and two (2) City of Joliet appointees for a five (5) year staggered term. Non-residents may be appointed members, but they must be a resident of the county in which they are commissioned and there is no compensation. Meetings: 2 nd ...