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597 A Message from the Board of Trustees. We are pleased to provide you with this updated booklet describing your ben- efits under the Pipe Fitters' Retirement Fund, Local 597. This booklet replaces any prior explanation booklets, but it does not replace or supersede the Plan. Document. We are providing this booklet so ...


Find our Retirement Fund Trustees contact information in the following page.


The Fund Office Dashboard, which is available for all participants effective immediately, provides you and your family with a wealth of information related to the Pipe Fitters Local 597 Welfare, Retirement and Individual Account and 401(k) Funds. It will also provide useful information that's maintained on your behalf by the ...


Fund Office. 45 North Ogden Avenue. Chicago, Illinois 60607. Telephone: (312) 633-0597. BOARD OF TRUSTEES. (ADMINISTRATOR AS DEFINED BY LAW). Union Trustees ... A Message from the Board of Trustees ...... PARTICIPANTS AND FORMER PLUMBERS AND PIPEFITTERS LOCAL 554, U.A. PENSION PLAN.


The Pipe Fitters' Local 597 Retirement Fund is designed to pay pensions to participants who have worked over the years as Local 597 members.


Pipe Fitters' Welfare Fund, Local 597. Summary Plan Description and ... Fund Office. 45 North Ogden Avenue. Chicago, Illinois 60607. Telephone: (312) 633- 0597. Fax: (312) 829-7787 www.pf597.org. BOARD OF TRUSTEES .... Schedules for Prescription and Specialty Drug Benefits for Active and Retired. Employees.


Chicago has played an instrumental role in the development of the piping industry since the inception of unions. The original UA headquarters was in Chicago. Shortly after the UA was formed, the Steam Fitters' Protection Association Local 2 of the International Association was organized, holding their first meeting at the ...


Oct 1, 2001 ... Pipe Fitters Training Fund, Local Union 597, created by Declaration of Trust, dated May 21, 1964, as amended thereafter. 34. "Trustees — Welfare, Retirement , Training, 401(k) Plan." A board consisting of an equal number of persons appointed by the Union and by the Association to manage the Benefit ...


Explanation of Notice. Pipe Fitters Retirement Fund, Local 597 (Plan) ... Sincerely ,. The Board of Trustees. (65.36 ... All traditional pension plans (called “defined benefit pension plans') must provide this notice every year regardless of their funding status. This notice does not mean that the Plan is terminating. It is provided for ...