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Advanced Bionics (AB) announces the FDA Approval of the HiRes™ Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant. Built on the HiRes™ Ultra platform and developed by the ...


Advanced Bionics, LLC ... health professionals and cochlear implant recipients, the BEA offers ... and how the Harmony System helps recipients of all ages.


Advanced Bionics LLC. 28515 Westinghouse ... The HiRes Ultra cochlear implant was designed to deliver all of the loudness, pitch, and timing information that ...


Advanced Bionics, LLC ... (ClearVoice-Low was evaluated acutely by all subjects during an initial ... the newer strategy (e.g., Advanced Bionics 2011, Koch et al.


AB evolved from two highly successful companies that developed and marketed innovative medical devices; one created new generation pacemakers, and the ...