Rylko-Bauer, Singer, and van Willigen 2006; Schensul et al. 1999; Scudder .... development experts or USAID employees in Somalia were disingenuous or ...


AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST ... John H. Bodley, Bonnie J. McCay, Alaka Wali , Carolyn Nordstrom, and Susan Slyomovics ... human happiness, where a distant memory, fleeting experience, or idealized vision can ... Merry 2010; Merry 2005; Rylko-Bauer et al. ..... inhabitants export the joyful products of the festal into the.


a solid foundation for my understanding of the history of American medicine. ..... histories of technology, specific people or groups within the hospital, or even bricks .... As an amusing note, Woolgar et al. cite Max Travers as stating that the .... Florida to Gainesville, as well as physicians returning home from military service.


Nov 28, 2012 ... economy of hope fueled by the obstetric imaginary, or the enthusiastic belief in ... Bonnie J. Ruder, Author ..... The majority of Ugandan women deliver at home, with the help of ... identify and refer high-risk women (Chalo, et al. 2005 ...... When the white and American doctors were in the African hospitals, we.


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Dec 9, 2004 ... Marketing, in which innovations were conceptualized as products or services, ... to a distinct innovation subarea (Kanter 1988; Van de Ven et al.


Sep 11, 2012 ... American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of .... recommendations for the use of ethnicity in health studies (Mir et al., 2012), and ...... these rules are also products of cultural ..... own homes to assisted living facilities, but the means and meaning ...... Bonnie K. Nastasi, John HitchcockAmerican.


Jan 7, 2013 ... mothers on television, I did not cry or really feel much besides a sense of relief that the .... their knowledge about breastfeeding (Barnett et al.


1993; Rylko-Bauer, Singer, and van Willigen 2006; Sanford and Angel-Ajani 2006; .... racism and inequality on American institutions and organi- ..... anthropology itself (Basch et al. 1999 ... or study but also their housing, food, medicine, automobile, and other .... Prince, Deborah Thomas, and Patricia Tovar (Mullings et al.