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In sailing, a boom is a spar (pole), along the foot of a fore and aft rigged sail, that greatly improves control of the angle and shape of the sail. The primary action ...


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Boom definition, to make a deep, prolonged, resonant sound. See more.

Apr 26, 2017 ... Tiësto's new track w/ Sevenn, "BOOM" is out now! https://tsto.co/BOOMOutNow Connect with Tiësto: https://www.facebook.com/tiesto/ ...


Definition of boom - a loud, deep, resonant sound. ... 'the boom of the bittern may be enjoyed in the country'. More example sentences. 'And Doncaster will ...


Define boom: to make a deep hollow sound; to increase in importance, popularity , or esteem — boom in a sentence.


Exclamation: Used as an oral exclamation mark but in a purely conversational context. Its function is not as heightened as the afore mentioned symbol so its ...


Boom Technology is making supersonic passenger travel a reality-we're making a supersonic airliner faster than Concorde, yet so efficient tickets are affordable.


Boom was founded on the philosophy that we need to overcome the challenges to supersonic passenger flight, not surrender to them. Our ultimate goal is ...