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On February 22, 2011, the U. S. Supreme Court held that a federal law expressly preempts all state-law products liability suits challenging the design of widely ...


BRUESEWITZ et al. v. WYETH LLC, fka WYETH, INC., et al. ... Held: The NCVIA preempts all design-defect claims against vaccine manufacturers brought by ...


Feb 22, 2011 ... On February 22, 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC , No. 09-152, holding that the National Childhood Vaccine ...


Aug 7, 2008 ... Medical records were obtained for all reported cardiovascular end points except angina and ..... McNeil Consumer and Specialty Pharmaceuticals, and Wyeth Consumer Healthcare; he is ... Vanmolkot FH, Van Bortel LM, de Hoon JN. ... Kurth T, Gaziano JM, Cook N, Bubes V, Logroscino G, Diener HC, et al.


Aug 1, 2010 ... Aleksandra Bortel,a Maxime Lévesque,a Giuseppe Biagini,b Jean ... However, little effort (but see Biagini et al., 2006; Klitgaard et al., ... ketamine (50 mg/kg, i.p.; Wyeth, Canada) (Martin and Kapur, 2008). .... **p<0.01 between latent period versus chronic period; LSD test after significant two-way ANOVA.


Feb 24, 2016 ... (suvorexant) Package Insert 2014; Michelson et al., 2014; Herring et al., 2016). ..... 25.0% with filorexant vs 10.2% with placebo on night 1, and. 16.8% to ...... Takeda, TransOral, Wyeth, and Xenoport; has acted as a con- sultant for .... van Bortel L, Rosen L, Chodakewitz J, Wagner JA, Murphy MG. (2011b) ...


Hg higher in women randomized to hormone replacement therapy vs those receiving placebo. (p < 0.01). ... contract from Wyeth-Ayerst Research (Radnor, PA). This work was also supported ..... 28 Kawecka-Jaszcz K, Czarnecka D, Olszanecka A, et al. The effect of ... 40 Van Bortel LM, Struijker-Boudier HA, Safar ME. Pulse.


Mar 1, 2012 ... group, but not in the control group (−0.54 [0.79] m/s vs. 0.06 [0.61] ..... therapy.8 Our data are in line with the results by Wong et al., and we .... Abbott, BMS, MSD/ Schering-Plough, Pfizer/Wyeth, Roche and uBS. M.K.F. ... Laurent S, Cockcroft J, Van Bortel L, Boutouyrie P, Giannattasio C, Hayoz D, Pannier B,.


Drugs were supplied by the Lemmon Co, Sellersville, PA; Wyeth Laboratories/ .... 80 years versus other ages ... is consistent with the observations of Chae et al in a lower ..... Bortel LM: Short- and long-term effects of smoking on arterial wall.