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Use The Bump's Chinese Gender Chart to predict the sex of baby and read what ... out you're pregnant, the next exciting milestone is finding out if baby is a boy or a girl. ... With the data plugged in, variables in a Lunar calendar are calculated ...


Use our 2017/2018 Chinese gender calendar chart and calculator to predict if you will have a boy or girl. And Chinese pregnancy calendar to calculate best co.


This Chinese Gender Predictor and Pregnancy Calendar, or Chinese Gender Chart, tells you the baby's gender whether it's a boy or girl based on the mother's  ...


Best way to know boy or girl! ... which helps you to get the best out of the ancient Chinese Gender Chart, without knowing anything about the lunar calendar.


The ancient Chinese gender chart predicts your baby's sex, based on your age ... sex based on an ancient Chinese gender chart and the Chinese lunar calendar, ... But since there are only two choices — boy or girl — it has at least a 50-50 ...


All You Need to Know About the Chinese Gender Calendar 2017 & 2018 ... images, like: head of a baby girl and of a baby boy, the two gender symbols, etc.


Jul 5, 2016 ... The Ancient Chinese Gender Calendar is designed to tell you the sex of your baby based on your age at conception and a magical formula.


Try Our Chinese Gender Predictor to determine If it is a boy or girl? ... gender of unborn baby using ancient chinese gender calculator, chart and lunar calendar.


Is it going to be a Boy or Girl? Chinese Birth Chart helps in the prediction of the gender of the baby. In order to use the Chinese prediction calender, you have to  ...