The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is a United States federal law enforcement agency responsible for the custody of individuals who have violated federal ...


LEWIS, DIRECTOR, ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, et al. v. .... prevents courts of law from undertaking tasks assigned to the political branches.


Oct 30, 2018 ... JACOB DAVIS V. TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION ET AL. ..... branch. Id. The separation of powers clause reserves for the ...


Raymond K. PROCUNIER, Director, California Department of Corrections, et al. .... Price v. Johnston, 334 U.S. 266, 285, 68 S.Ct. 1049, 1060, 92 L.Ed. 1356 ( 1948) ..... public opinion, to the legislative and executive branches of the government.


v. DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS AND REHABILITATION et al., ... The CDCR is a statutorily created department within the executive branch of state ...


v. PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, et al., Defendants. ..... of the Special Investigation Office, the branch of the DOC which investigates ...


Apr 9, 2008 ... Indiana Department of Correction (“DOC”), the Maximum Control Facility, and ... Smith v. Ind. Dep't of Corr., 853 N.E.2d 127, 129 (Ind. Ct. App. 2006). ..... limitations on the actions of the legislative and executive branches.


Jul 26, 2005 ... Miller v. Department of Corrections, No. S114097 (July 18, 2005). ... Department employees were aware of all three of Kuykendall's sexual ...


2016 ME 178, Friends of the Motherhouse et al. v. City of ... LLC, et al. v. Branch River Plastics, Inc., et al. .... Torres v. Department of Corrections, August 2, 2016.