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Nov 8, 2016 ... A mum has shared her “mission” to normalise breastfeeding older children in a video posted to YouTube. Sophie Rose, a mum from the UK who now lives in Thailand, breastfeeds her four-year-old son Shaye every day and shares her journey through daily videos. “My mission is to continue my work in ...


Are you wondering how to wean off breastfeeding, knowing that your toddler gets the best nutrients from mother's milk? True, breast milk provides the child with the required nutrition and support for their immune system. The benefits of breastfeeding continue even up to toddlerhood. If you choose to wait until toddlerhood to ...


When parents want more children, they will breastfeed the current child less. • Shorter duration of breastfeeding for. – Daughters. – Children with fewer older brothers. – Low birth-order children. • Interactions of child's gender, birth order, and mother's ideal family size have specific non-linear effects on breastfeeding.


WB News. Dr. Gail Gross on parents who choose to breastfeed their toddlers and preschoolers.


Jun 9, 2011 ... Group for mom's to support and encourage mom's that believe in child-led weaning and breastfeeding your child to beyond 3 years of age.


Jan 30, 2017 ... Back in the late '60s, it was not uncommon to see a mother breastfeeding her four -year old while enjoying an outdoor concert. Since the mid-70s or so, it's been fairly uncommon to spot a woman breastfeeding an infant, let alone an older child in a public setting! Americans have a unique propensity for ...


May 25, 2017 ... A MUM is hoping to shed stigma over breastfeeding older kids – and has shared an intimate photo posing with her six-year-old. Melbourne photographer Lacey Barratt took the tender image of fellow mum Vicki, as part of a photo essay series with other mothers who are also breastfeeding older children.


Mar 28, 2017 ... There were times when I felt judged by others for whom breastfeeding had been more of a fleeting experience or from those who couldn't appreciate my child's need to be nursed to sleep. Breastfeeding an older child can be an isolating experience (especially if you haven't discovered a group of mothers ...


Well, child-led weaning dictates that the child is ready to wean, when the child says he's ready to wean. If the child still wants treats at 10, then he should still have treats at 10. If he still wants mama's breast past puberty, then mama best just pull up the shirt. I can't imagine any mentally healthy 10-year-old ...