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Bring It On Cheer lyrics by Bring It On: "I said: brr... It's cold in here / There must be some Toros in the at-mos-phere / I said: brr...

Dec 12, 2008 ... Toros Cheerleaders: [Cheering at the game] Aaaaaaalllll right! We're sweet! We got the whip, we can't be beat. We're the best, our team's too cool. We got the class to rock this school. Aww...[Clovers join in] Yeah! We bad, we got the team, we can't be had. We're the best, so score them points. You win the ...
Mar 3, 2016 ... Bring It On - Intro (We're Cheerleaders) HD ... Bring It On. Comedy · 2000 · PG-13. Watch from $2.99. Kirsten Dunst stars as a cheerleading captain who discovers that her team's routines were stolen from the squad across town, and scrambles to find a new routine for this year's competition! Actors:.


Select one of these links to jump to the cheers: Intro. Tryouts. Toros vs Clovers. I' m sexy, I'm cute. I'm popular to boot. I'm bitchin', great hair. The boys all love to stare. I'm wanted, I'm hot. I'm everything you're not. I'm pretty, I'm cool. I dominate this school. Who am I? Just guess. Guys wanna touch my chest. I'm rockin', I smile


Lyrics of TORO'S MAIN CHEER by Bring It On: I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot, I'm bitchen great hair, The boys all love to stare, I'm wanted I'm hot, ...


The cheerleading cheers in Bring It On have a sassy pizazz that have made this series of movies popular. While you can't exactly use the cheers as they are, you can adapt many of them to work for your own squad. Keep reading to find out more about the cheers, what made them popular and elements that you can borrow ...


Big Red: Don't be so naive, Torrance. Look, the truth is I was real leader, ok? I did what I had to do to win a nationals. And ever since I handed the reins over to you, you've run my squad straight into the ground! If I made any mistake as a squad leader, it wasn't borrowing cheers. It was announcing you as my successor.


Comedy · Vivica A. Fox makes her Bring It On debut as Cheer Goddess, the Internet's most popular "Cheer-lebrity." When Destiny (Prosperi), captain of three- time national champions "The Rebels," is ... See full summary » ...


We're Sweet - Bring It On Cheer This song is by Bring It On.