Petitioner claimed in his return for 1946 a deduction of $17,137.70 for depreciation on trucks, all of which were acquired after February of that year, based upon ...


Feb 23, 2016 ... This tool screened for depression, and if the women scored 13 or ..... These findings corroborate those Patel et al., 1995, Broadhead and Abas ..... O'Hara M, Swain A. Rates and risk of postpartum depression: A meta-analysis.


79 patients in Macquart-Moulin et al., 2000; 19 patients in Swain et al., 1996). ...... et al., 1988), or social support (Broadhead, Gehlback, DeGruy, & Kaplan, ...


Jul 20, 2011 ... 2002; Near and Keck 2005; Rüber et al. ...... rates provide resolution for differing regions of the darter phylogeny (e.g., deep vs. shallow nodes)? ...


To get and keep the absolute best edge on Valkyrie Broadheads, we designed the Valkyrie ... But sometimes you have to resharpen in the field or camp.


Elizabeth Bloom Hodges, for Krayev et al. .... prevailed at trial, and we will affirm the trial court's ruling if there is any evidence to support it. Lee v. Swain, 291 Ga.


Patients with active bleeding or non-bleeding visible vessels receive endoscopic therapy ..... Lee et al. (37) performed a randomized trial comparing endoscopy within 2 h vs. endoscopy ... Swain et al. ...... Laine L, Cohen H, Brodhead J et al.


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1478172 Kathryn Johnson, s/k/a Kathryn Eileen Johnson v. ...... 1211144 Loudoun Hospital Center, d/b/a Inova Loudoun Hospital, et al. v. ...... 0396072 Tom A. Broadhead, Jr. v. ...... 0610973 Dora Ann Swain v Commonwealth 12/01/ 1998