Mar 19, 2018 ... Bronchitis is one of the top conditions for which patients seek medical care. It is characterized ... Symptoms of bronchitis include the following:.


Nov 8, 2017 ... There are two types of bronchitis: Acute (the more common type, where symptoms last for a few weeks and then diminish) and chronic (when ...


Acute bronchitis is a form of lower respiratory tract inflammation affecting the air tubes (bronchi) of the ... Acute Bronchitis Symptoms, Causes, and Risk Factors.


Feb 3, 2018 ... Acute bronchitis typically results from an infection such as a cold, ... Bronchitis symptoms can come on quickly, and some can last for weeks.


Mar 23, 2018 ... Symptoms of acute bronchitis begin with a sore throat, runny nose, low grade fever, chills, and muscle pains with cough (usually dry) lasting ...


Dec 6, 2012 ... According to the CDC, flu season came early this year, which means secondary conditions like bronchitis, pneumonia and sinus infections may ...


Find out about bronchitis, including the difference between acute and chronic bronchitis, plus the symptoms, causes, treatment, complications and when to see  ...


Mar 20, 2018 ... “Flu and bronchitis symptoms are also similar, but in the flu, they are often more severe,” she said. “The flu can also come with high fever, ...


Being vigilant about the different symptoms of bronchitis can help in quick diagnosis, treatment and healing of this disease.