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Petitioner, a Florida state prisoner, petitioned for federal habeas relief, challenging the constitutionality of a Florida statute that altered the mens rea requirement for state drug offenses. The district court, finding a due process violation, granted relief. The court concluded that the state court did not unreasonably apply clearly ...


Jul 25, 2017 ... Bucknor prepared a Latent Fingerprint Report detailing her analysis of the fingerprints recovered from the crime scene and the stolen Audio Logic equipment. In addition to Rimmer and Parker, the Latent Fingerprint Report listed three other suspects: Mangnas Frank St. Louis,. Craig Darnell Broughton, and ...


518 U.S. 343116 S.Ct. 2174135 L.Ed.2d 606 (518 U.S. 343116 S.Ct. 2174135 L. Ed.2d 606, 518 U.S. 343116 S.Ct. 2174135 L.Ed.2d 606). LEWIS, DIRECTOR, ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, et al. v. CASEY et al. Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. No. 94-1511. Argued: ...


David A. Garraghty began employment with the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Corrections, in 1972. ... Code § 2.1-110 et seq. .... On October 30, 1992, Murray upheld the decision to terminate Garraghty and notified him of his right to appeal the termination to the Secretary of Public Safety, O. Randolph Rollins.


Court of Appeal, First District, Division 2, California. Mitchell SIMS et al., Plaintiffs and Respondents, v. DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS AND REHABILITATION et al., Defendants and Appellants. A135290. Decided: May 30, 2013. Attorneys for Appellants: Kamala Harris, Attorney General, Jonathan Wolff, Sr. Asst. Atty.


Court of Appeals Division I - Briefs. Briefs Displayed by Month Filed with the Court. Court of Appeals Division I Briefs are available for the following: January 2015; February 2015; March 2015; April 2015; May 2015; June 2015; July 2015; August 2015; September 2015; October 2015; November 2015; December 2015.


Apr 12, 2017 ... Basile, Andrew V., et ux. 12/15/2016. $3,750,000.00. Highway Condemnation. Batchelor, Christopher, et ux, et al. 02/09/2017. $445,000.00. Highway Condemnation. Benton, Anita v. Department of Correction. 12/14/2016. $99,500.00. Workers' Compensation. Benton, Anita v. DPS Division Adult Correction.


Apr 24, 2001 ... Alan Dexter Bowman (Yes) Margaret E. L. Howard (Abstained) Judith L. Shaw ( Yes) Leo Vartan (Yes) A-5 MANUEL GONZALEZ Manuel A. Gonzalez, Senior Correction Officer, New Jersey State Prison, Department of Corrections, suspension for 10 days, on charges of neglect of duty, other sufficient cause, ...


Jun 8, 2005 ... Notice of this meeting was filed with the Secretary of State and sent to the Trentonian, Trenton Times, Courier-Post and Star Ledger on December 3, 2004, and .... Delorfette E. Clark appeals his rejection as a Correction Officer Recruit candidate by the Department of Corrections and its request to remove his ...