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Psychological Assessment, 7(1), 80 – 83. McNair, D. M., Heuchert, J. W. P., & Shillony, E. (in press). Research with the Profile of Mood States (POMS) 1964- 2002: A comprehensive bibliography. Toronto, Canada: Multi-Health Systems. McNair, D. M., Lorr, M., & Droppleman, L. F. (1971). Manual for the Profile of Mood States.


Although standard administration procedures are essential for valid inference making, current Profile and Mood States (POMS; McNair, Lorr, & Droppleman, 1971) protocol forces each examiner, when asked for assistance, to provide subjects extemporaneously with a word or phase that is: (a) synonymous with the original ...


Dec 1, 2009 ... The Profile of Mood States is a validated psychometric test, a sensitive measurement of mood in normal healthy subjects, and has been employed in over 2,900 health studies (McNair et al., 1971; 2003). The POMS profile uses 65 adjective-based intensity scales that measures 6 mood factors: tension, ...


P.C. Terry et al. / Psychology of Sport and Exercise 4 (2003) 125–139 the Profile of Mood States (POMS: McNair, Lorr, & Droppleman, 1971), a 65-item inventory that assesses six dimensions of the mood construct: anger, confusion, depression, fatigue, tension, and vigour. The brevity required of measures of psychological ...


Full-text (PDF) | The use and treatment efficacy of kinaesthetic Taping for musculoskeletal conditions: A systematic review.


RUSSO ET AL. www.neuromodulationjournal.com. VC 2017 The Authors. Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface. Neuromodulation 2018; 21 : 1–9 ...... Morphology versus function: the relationship between lumbar multifidus intramuscular adipose tissue and muscle function among patients with low back pain.


Jan 1, 2014 ... “Medical Policy assists in administering UCare benefits when making coverage determinations for members under our health benefit plans. When deciding coverage, all reviewers must first identify enrollee eligibility, federal and state legislation or regulatory guidance regarding benefit mandates, and the ...


mobility exercise versus upper cervical spine mobilization and ..... Fig. 3 Upper thoracic (T1–2) spine mobilization and mobility exercise used in this study. Cho et al. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders (2017) 18:525. Page 4 of 10 ...... McNair PJ , Portero P, Chiquet C, Mawston G, Lavaste F. Acute neck pain: cervical spine ...


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