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EP1389164B1 2001-05-24 2010-03-10 Bryan P. Prucher Motor in wheel electric drive system. JP4176674B2 2004-05-18 2008-11-05 株式会社ブリヂストン In- wheel motor system. JP4486443B2 * 2004-08-20 2010-06-23 本田技研工業株式 会社 Vehicle wheel drive system. JP5110854B2 2006-11-17 2012-12-26 Ntn株式 会社 ...


An integrated motor monitoring system collects, analyzes, and stores to database (s) on-line and off-line coordinated real-time motor data for industrial AC and DC motors. On-line coordinated real-time motor data from both on-motor sensors and remote sensors at a motor control center are collected simultaneously and ...


Jan 8, 2008 ... Abstract. The hypothesis that early flowering plants were insect-pollinated could be tested by an examination of the pollination biology of basal angiosperms and the pollination modes of fossil angiosperms. We provide data to show that early fossil angiosperms were insect-pollinated. Eighty-six percent of ...


Roger and Sandy Jensen. Lynn and George Jones. Brian and Carla Lampsa. Dale and Sarah Richardson. Howard and Martha Simpson. John and Tamara Witte. GATHERER. $5,000-$9,999. Anonymous (4). Robert J. Banaszek. John and Jody Bellomo. Paul and Mary Benson. Gregory and Cathleen Bertha. Kent and Sybil ...


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In 1984, Larkin Street's founders understood the challenges young people face when they live without a safe place to call home, and they built a foundation that has supported more than 70,000 young people working toward a brighter future off the streets. Their ground- work not only supports the success of our youth today, ...