May 20, 2013 ... Learn in-depth information on Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Test, on why the laboratory test is performed, specimen collected, the significance of ...

Mar 2, 2015 ... What is BUN and Creatinine - Kidney Function Test ✓✓✓ - Duration: 8:29. 1,475,261 Views 117,894 views · 8:29. Acute Kidney Injury / Acute ...


Looking for online definition of BUN test in the Medical Dictionary? BUN test explanation free. What is BUN test? Meaning of BUN test medical term. What does ...


Urea is the major end product of protein and amino acid catabolism in the liver. Proteins are first degraded to amino acids, which are then deaminated with the ...


This is a quick reference for the laboratory test on Blood Urea Nitrogen, BUN level.


A blood chemistry panel is another common test used to evaluate a variety of ... The creatinine blood test and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test are used to assess  ...


Jul 2, 2018 ... Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test — Learn how to prepare, what to expect and possible results of this test to assess kidney and liver function.


Lab Dept. Chemistry. Test Name: BUN (UREA NITROGEN). General Information. Lab Order Codes: BUN. Synonyms: BUN, Blood Urea Nitrogen; Urea Nitrogen.


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