Nov 30, 2015 ... Romina Rader,a,1 Ignasi Bartomeus,b Lucas A. Garibaldi,c,d Michael P. D. Garratt,e Brad G. Howlett,f Rachael ..... As argued by Garibaldi et al.


Case opinion for IA Supreme Court BURKHALTER v. ... cross-appealed, claiming the district court should have directed a verdict in his favor on all claims.


May 23, 2013 ... If climate change affects pollinator‐dependent crop production, this will have important implications for global food security because insect ...


Sep 20, 2012 ... Stable traplines that linked together all the flowers in an optimal ... Citation: Lihoreau M, Raine NE, Reynolds AM, Stelzer RJ, Lim KS, Smith AD, et al. ...... Applegate DL, Bixby RE, Chvátal V, Cook WJ (2006) The traveling ...


Birkhofer K et al. (including R Rader) (2018) Relationships between multiple biodiversity components and ecosystem services along a landscape complexity ...


VADM Al Burkhalter, USN, Ret.....150. Magnetism, Magnetic ..... allocated to naval research lab to begin the development of radar. The blog goes on to say that ...


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Only two Xe-type objects, 434 Hungaria and 3447 Burkhalter, shown a polarimetric behavior ... et al. with the identification of 18 X-type asteroids, although they.


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