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Jumping rope is an effective calorie-burning exercise, which in turn means that it is a quality exercise choice for those interested in losing body fat....


Four hours of fast rope jumping burns the caloric equivalent of more than 1 pound of body weight. Although you may not jump rope for multiple hours per...


Calories burned jumping rope calculator on Captain Calculator | Calories burned jumping rope calculator How are calories burned jumping rope calculated?


Can't muster the motivation to make it to the gym? Skip it! Jumping rope burns more than 10 calories a minute while strengthening your legs, butt, shoulders, and ...


Mar 9, 2017 ... This jump rope workout from Amanda Kloots of the NYC class the Rope will burn out your body with jumping and dance-like move intervals.


You don't need fancy gym machines to burn calories and tone your whole body. Try these fun, fat-burning moves that only require a jump rope!


It's cheap and portable – and burns more calories than you might think. ... to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you'd burn jumping rope.


Burn 135 calories fast with this jump rope express workout that sculpts your shoulders, chest, arms, and legs.

Jul 13, 2016 ... Join our Jump Rope Community: http://www.crossrope.com/yt-community Get your Crossrope Set: http://www.crossrope.com/yt Subscribe to ...