Jan 27, 2014 ... which ALITO, J., joined as to all but Part III–B. GINSBURG, J., filed an opinion concurring ... No. 12–7515. MARCUS ANDREW BURRAGE, PETITIONER v. .... 1242, 21 U. S. C. §801 et seq., “tied the penalties for drug offenses ...


Jun 6, 2018 ... 46 Yousur Al-Hlou et al., The Facts on America's Opioid Epidemic, N.Y. TIMES VIDEO ..... 112 Eric A. Johnson, Cause-in-Fact After Burrage v.


Apr 8, 2019 ... Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case UNITED STATES OF AMERICA et al v. JOHNSON & JOHNSON et al, case number ...


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Eric A. Johnson, Cause-in-Fact After Burrage v. United States, 68 Fla ..... alprazolam.25 Though all of these drugs but the heroin were present only at therapeutic ...


Rives et al. v. Burrage et al., 110 Miss. 789, 70 So. 893; Harvey v. Johnson, 71 So . 824; Montgomery v. Wilson, 189 Ala. 209, 66 So. 503; Ex parte White, 118 ...


controlling decision for prosecution is Burrage v. United States (2014) ... accountable for all aspects of the work, principal investigator of the current study. ... Gilson et al. .... 1) Peterson JL, Hickman MJ, Strom KJ, Johnson DJ. ... J Forensic Sci.


2001; Johnson et al. .... Analyzing field data from the U.S. SLFMR, Burrage et al. ... This contrasts with the Dicke design used in the SLFMR (Burrage et al. .... 6a; i.e., CoJet-V) were concentrated near the Po River, St. George Sound, and Mobile ...


Sep 6, 2017 ... independent contractors, and others served by the permit holder. Thus, the accident ... 5} Johnson filed a complaint asserting common-law-negligence claims against Montgomery, Ferraro .... Burrage v. United States, __ U.S..