Building co-operatives are co-operative housing corporations where individuals or families ... with other members of the co-op during the construction phase of the co-operative. ... Employee ownership · Workers' self-management · Workers' control · Workplace democracy · Business and employment co-operative.


Cooperative Development and Formationpage banner image ... Because the cooperative business form is so different from the typical corporation or limited ...


The Nuts and Bolts of Forming a Cooperative. As mentioned in our guide to starting a cooperative, in the later stages of planning a cooperative, the time comes ...


May 21, 2018 ... In contrast to traditional businesses, worker co-ops see much lower rates of ... and Metis Construction in Seattle, are meant to inspire business owners .... DAWI recently developed the School for Democratic Management, an ...


Directory of Worker Co-ops and Democratic Workplaces ... Hospitality, Transportation - Courier, Transportation - Service & Repair, Transportation - Taxi ... A Bookkeeping Cooperative, New York, New York, Business Support Services ... A1 Builders, Bellingham, Washington, Build & Design - Construction, Worker Co-op.


In certain ways, worker cooperatives operate like regular businesses: they develop ... about maintaining healthy workplaces and making sure the business does not ... grocery stores, bakeries, bookstores, bike shops, nursing and construction.


Get to know the businesses that drive forward the worker co-op movement ... Browse our membership directory below, or view the full list of worker co-ops and ... Build & Design - Architecture & Interior Design, Build & Design - Construction, Build ... Baltimore, Maryland, Transportation - Service & Repair, Worker Cooperative.


Aug 26, 2005 ... A cooperative is a business voluntarily owned and controlled by its member- patrons and operated for them on a nonprofit or cost basis.


According to the National Cooperative Business Association trade group, cooperatives ... Source, will sell recycled building materials to construction companies.