This is a list of notable co-operative enterprises by country. Co-operatives are business ... It is the world's largest exporter of pig meat products with subsidiaries in ... or The Danish Consumers Co-operative Society is a consumer co-operative .... Canadian University Press is a non-profit co-operative and newswire service ...


Learn more about cooperatives, the cooperative business model and how they ... power, access goods and services, and create economic opportunity not available to ... Worker co-ops can operate in any industry and on many different scales.


A cooperative is a private business organization that is owned and controlled ... the cooperative form of business organization began during the Industrial Revolution. ... Sometimes, members provide goods and/or services to the cooperative, ...


Feb 24, 2016 ... Labels may refer to the ownership structure, the product or service the co-op offers, or the activity the ... 7.1 Hybrid Worker and Consumer Owned Cooperatives ... These businesses are owned by some or all of the workers.


Other types of goods and services that can be provided by working under ... Cooperatives may be consumer-owned, producer-owned, or worker-owned.


Cooperative businesses operate across virtually all industries, or sectors: ... the earliest co-op purchasing groups to gain better access to goods and services.


They are businesses that are owned and controlled by the people who use them and ... Cooperatives exist in every industry, every geographic area, in rural and ... Consumers believe co-ops have better products and services at a lower cost.


The defining characteristic of a cooperative is that it is a business owned and ... to make a profit by selling goods and services to other businesses and individuals. ... People form consumer cooperatives to buy groceries, financial services (e.g. ...


Consumer cooperatives are businesses which belong to the people who use them. ... Consumer cooperatives provide most important products or services a ...