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The World Jewish Congress lawsuit against Swiss banks was launched to retrieve deposits made into Swiss banks by victims of Nazi persecution during and prior to World War II. ... on behalf of various Jewish organizations with Swiss banks and the Swiss government over dormant Jewish World War II bank accounts.


The complaint accuses the bank of knowingly accepting looted assets and acting to prevent the ... A coalition of Swiss businesses contributes about $100 million to the fund. ... These accounts have been inactive since the end of World War II.


From the end of World War II until five years ago the Holocaust was primarily .... to Archives II to look for information about Jewish dormant bank accounts in ... for International Trade, as well as Special Envoy of the Department of State on ...


Note: Swiss records indicate that bank accounts containing millions of dollars ..... Swiss WWII policy: dormant bank accounts; Nazi gold; loot; trade with Nazi ...


2. Chase.com. The largest banking company in the United States. 4:27. 4.10. 9.10% ... Offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers.s. Less ... Commercial bank headquartered in Toronto, with offices around the world. .... Provides car finance with online account access.


accounts remain low to dormant. The digitization of ... the financial services sector – consisting of traditional actors and new ... In the aftermath of World War II, the Bretton Woods .... bilateral or unilateral legal, accounting and tax policies that.


Nov 12, 1996 ... In the years before and during World War II, many Jews deposited ... accounts of Holocaust victims to compensate Swiss businesses for ... the war was worth more than all the money they had in the bank. .... Last year, Mr. Vogelsanger said, the Swiss banks again searched for dormant accounts and found ...


Mar 13, 1997 ... Twenty-two years later, he fled Hitler's Germany for America. ... The company refused, explaining that the records were in East Germany and therefore out of reach. ... Controversies over forgotten Swiss bank accounts and property once ... into asking about other assets missing since the second world war.


Jul 2, 1998 ... AS THEIR lives draw to a close, Edward Fagan's 30000 clients are trying to recover property they lost in the cataclysm of the second world war.