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The World Jewish Congress lawsuit against Swiss banks was launched to retrieve deposits made into Swiss banks by victims of Nazi persecution during and prior to World War II. ... on behalf of various Jewish organizations with Swiss banks and the Swiss government over dormant Jewish World War II bank accounts.


The Bergier commission in Bern was formed by the Swiss government on 12 December 1996. It is also known as the ICE (Independent Commission of Experts ). Founded in a decade when Switzerland had come under recurring criticism for its behaviour during World War II, particularly with respect to its relations with .... Swiss businesses emerged from the war years both technologically and ...


Jul 23, 1997 ... ... 2000 number of dormant World War II-era foreign accounts that may ... which has pressed for a far fuller accounting of the assets that Jews ...


only effective way to settle the dispute over dormant Swiss bank accounts is to implement this propsed .... National Bank and German Reichsbank during World War II). Robert ... 111, at 14 (CCH Europe Inc. 1991) [hereinafter BUSINESS LAW .


Similarly, the world still lacks a reliable and complete accounting of the war time ... estimates the loot in the Swiss National Bank's vault was worth a minimum of ...... The auditors ought to have access to "relevant files regarding dormant assets ".


The Swiss corridor: espionage networks in Switzerland during World War II. .... Swiss WWII policy: dormant bank accounts; Nazi gold; loot; trade with Nazi ...


Note: Swiss records indicate that bank accounts containing millions of dollars ..... Swiss WWII policy: dormant bank accounts; Nazi gold; loot; trade with Nazi ...


For the understanding of the 2nd World War also from a specifically Swiss point of view .... Switzerland had to choose between keeping up it's trade and financial .... to the bank with exact reference to the account number as "dormant accounts".


Switzerland during World War II. Looted Assets, Gold Transactions and. Dormant Accounts. Switzerland has been critized for the financial services provided by ...