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A national hero of the Philippines is a Filipino who has been recognized as a hero for his or her ... radical people whose ideas could inspire resistance against American rule. Rizal was selected over the revolutionaries Andres Bonifacio, who was ... calling for Rizal's replacement as the national hero by Andres Bonifacio, ...


Some heroes of the Revolutionary War include George Washington, John Adams , Thomas Jefferson, Nathan Hale, John Paul Jones, Benjamin Franklin, Roger ...


The honour of the Order of National Hero is the most senior honour that can be conferred on a person who was born in Jamaica or is, or at the time of his or her ...


Aug 26, 2008 ... Yesterday, our country celebrated National Heroes Day. ... so that the sacrifices made by our heroes from the past will not be for naught.


Nov 23, 2016 ... Through this chapter, it will become clear that Nasser was the iconic military ... this long-lasting image of the army officer as a national hero.


Gottlieb Fichte came to be posthumously celebrated as a hero of the German nation. His renowned ... socialists to liberals to fascists – invoked the philosopher to justify their political agendas. ... national heroes. .... and self-image as a humble servant of the. German ... the Conservative Revolutionaries can be .... heroes past.


National Heroes of Jamaica: Paul Bogle, Sir Alexander Bustamante, George William… ... Jamaican woman with drying coffee beans (old picture, probably from the .... BY RICHARD JOHNSON REGGAE artist Ziggy Marley can add another .... Life and Legacy of Joel Augustus Rogers: Chronicler of a Glorious African Past.


Aug 25, 2014 ... Despite its lofty title, today's holiday does not only commemorate ... past and present, who have given much to the cause of freedom, ... National Heroes Day was celebrated even before the country's ... Photo from Wikimedia Commons. ... commemorated the Cry on August 26, calling the event “The Cry of ...