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What do c-section scars look like? BabyCenter moms share photos of their cesarean scars at various stages of healing.


How big is a c-section scar? Surprisingly small. Most baby-heads fit through a four to six-inch skin incision made horizontally just below the pubic hairline.


Recently, a friend of mine showed me her C-Section scar and I was pretty surprised: It was a tiny horizontal slit that was about the length of her hand. In fact, the ...


A c-section scar is part of the normal recovery process after a cesarean delivery. Learn about healing it properly, treatment after the incision, and more.


Worried about what your C-section scar will look like? Our C-section scar-care primer will help you care for your incision -- and clue you in on what to expect as it ...


Feb 27, 2017 ... Caring for your c-section scar is an important part of the postpartum healing. Learn how silicone speeds healing and reduces the c-section scar.


Oct 23, 2016 ... Here's a close-up look at some of the variations of normal, when it comes to c- section scars, from horizontal to vertical.


Some moms admit they didn't realize just how prominent their scar would be at first. “I felt totally disfigured,” says Bump Lori of her c-section scar. “But over time ...


We held a Q&A session with Science of Skin to bring you advice about the best way to take care of your C-section scar. Founder of Science of Skin and one of ...