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Alan R. Kay1*, Davide Raccuglia2, Jon Scholte3, Elena Sivan-Loukianova1, .... Plus LED curing light with a light intensity of 1.5 W cm−2 and a peak at 460 nm.


Giovanni Raccuglia. x. Giovanni ... Johnson, SA, Monto, RW, and June, CM. A new approach to the .... Raccuglia, G, Duff, I, and Bethell, FH. The detection of ...


See what Deborah Raccuglia is interested in today. ... agreements, and others. Served as senion CM providing consultation and advice to other CMs on team.


Sep 12, 2015 ... Expression of ArcLight and GCaMP5G in hiPSC-CMs permitted to ...... [PubMed]; Cao G., Platisa J., Pieribone V.A., Raccuglia D., Kunst M., ...


Aug 8, 2013 ... ... Davide Raccuglia,1 Michael Kunst,1 and Michael N. Nitabach1,3,4,* ...... Laser power measured at the preparation ranged from 1–12 W/cm2, ...


AND. GIovANNI. RACCUGLIA. T HE. ASSOCIATION .... Cm., and irradiation of the hemangioma was started on the second hospital day. A. 10 by. 12 cm. anterior.


... Serena Spina; Margherita Raccuglia; Ewan Thomas; Antonio Paoli; Antonio ... volunteered for the study (28.5 ± 10.0 years; 168.2 ± 8.9 cm; 65.1 ± 11.1 kg), ...


... essere felice? ?Condividi. Raccuglia Maria Domenica ... Dimensioni: 14.5 cm. X 21 cm. ISBN: 9788862720724. Prezzo: 15,90 €. Modificatore prezzo variante:.


Jan 14, 2016 ... Alex Lloyd, Margherita Raccuglia, Simon Hodder, and George Havenith ..... Tc was measured 10 cm beyond the anal sphincter using a flexible ...