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On September 16, 1854, Commander Farragut arrived to oversee the building of the Mare Island Navy Yard at Vallejo, California, which became the port for ship repairs on the West Coast. Captain Farragut commissioned Mare Island on July 16, 1858. Farragut returned to a hero's welcome at Mare Island on August 11, ...


Colberg, Inc. v. State of California ex rel. Dept. Pub. Wks. , 67 Cal.2d 408. [Sac. No. 7694. In Bank. Oct. 3, 1967.] COLBERG, INC., et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA ex. rel. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, Defendant and Respondent. STEPHENS MARINE, INC., Plaintiff and Appellant, v .


Jun 24, 2017 ... References: [1877] 2 PD 251. Ratio: The court considered whether a will had been revoked in being destroyed. Held: 'All the destroying in the world without intention will not revoke a will, nor all the intention in the world without destroying; there must be the two'. Jurisdiction: England and Wales.


Aug 22, 2005 ... (Bill Woodward); Maine Department of Marine Resources (Gail Wippelhauser); local. Lovejoy Pond stakeholders ... summer of 2005, is entitled “Lovejoy Pond Phosphorus Control Action Plan” (PCAP) and doubles as a. TMDL (Total Maximum ..... interspersed with urban/ suburban land uses (Reckhow et al.


Here, we compare our long-term record of weekly sessile marine invertebrate recruitment with interannual variation in water temperature to assess the likely effect of climate .... However, in the year after the warmest winter (1991), introduced species recruitment was two times greater than that of native species ( 1,537 vs.


Biological drawdown of dissolved inorganic nutrients in nearshore waters at Palmer Station is also regulated by a similar suite of climate and physical forcing factors (Kim et al., 2016). However, impacts of these physical forcing factors on other components of food webs, such as marine heterotrophic bacteria or microbial ...


This form will search for field activity and data information collected by the Coastal and Marine Science Program. This search uses a combination approach to determine the results. Search results must match all of the selections made. If you select 'sonar/sidescan', then all of the sidescan activities will appear. If you select ...


Over the past few years, we have started to explore the relationship between bacterial community structure and activity in perennially cold marine waters. ...... Kirchman DL,; et al . 2009. Standing stocks, production, and respiration of phytoplankton and heterotrophic bacteria in the western Arctic Ocean. Deep Sea Res.


communities, Fe has the potential to influence the marine food web ... 1998; Jickells et al. 2005), bushfires. (Ito 2012), vertical mixing, eddies, tidal currents, and convection (Cullen et al. 2009). Volcanic ash also represents a potential source of Fe for the ... Corresponding author: josiane.melancon.1@ulaval.ca a Present ...