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Rank, Second Lieutenant, Brevet Captain. Battles/wars, Indian Wars · Mexican- American War. William A. T. Maddox (1814 – January 1, 1889) was an officer in the United States Marine ...


Captain Maddox was one of the most common figures. He came with many accessories which were all molded in black. The silver accessories are newer pieces ...


(Portrayed by Dwain Murphy). Captain of the Imperial Flagship, I.S.S. Charon.


Marx Stock Number: 1865. Produced: 1967-1975. Captain Maddox was one of the initial FAF Calvary figures as well. He was molded in steel blue poly-plastic, ...


Jul 21, 2002 ... Biography of Captain Maddox. ... Charles H. Maddox was born on 23 February 1886, and graduated from the United States Naval Academy ...


Vintage Marx Johnny West CAPTAIN MADDOX Fort Apache Fighter 100% Complete + Box! #Marx.


Dec 1, 2017 ... Captain Maddox & Associates by A. Nilphist, released 01 December 2017.


Captain Vinton Maddox : Admiral, these enemy radio intercepts that your intelligence unit has been accumulating... Admiral Nimitz : Very detailed, aren't they?


Captain Maddox was a male Terran Imperial Starfleet officer in the mid-23rd century. He was the commanding officer of the ISS Charon. During his career, he  ...