Jon Scaffidi, William Pearman, Marion Lawrence, J. Chance Carter, Bill W. Colston ... William Pearman, Scott R. Goode, Bill W. Colston, J. Chance Carter, and S.


Abstract. A technique being evaluated for standoff explosives detection is laser- induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). LIBS is a real-time sensor technology ...


Apr 22, 2019 ... To: All persons claiming an interest in the real estate located at 2034 N. Front Street, Phila. ..... Swartz Campbell et al. Tackett & Company .... Vinson Carter G ... Williams Josephine V. Williams ...... Mcnesby Maureen. Meckes ...


Case opinion for GA Court of Appeals WHITTEN v. ... WHITTEN v. ... WOOTEN et al. ... Brown, Readdick, Bumgartner, Carter, Strickland & Watkins, Terry L. Readdick, Steven G. Blackerby, ..... McNesby, 2007 WL 2459246, 2007 U.S. Dist.


Feb 25, 2014 ... Meenakshisundaram Sankar; , Ewa Nowicka; , Emma Carter ... McNesby and Heller gave a comprehensive critical review of the ... In all cases where suppression of the over-oxidation of the aldehyde is .... However, in the presence of benzyl alcohol, only adducts IV and V .... Meenakshisundaram, S. et al.


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F. C. De Lucia, Jr., R. S. Harmon, K. L. McNesby, R. J. Winkel, Jr., and A. W. Miziolek, ... L. St-Onge, V. Detalle, and M. Sabsabi, “Enhanced laser-induced breakdown ... J. Scaffidi, W. Pearman, M. Lawrence, J. C. Carter, B. W. Colston, Jr ., and S. M. Angel, .... et al. [31]. It utilized two lasers: a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser ( Brilliant ...


On a CtudiC la photolyse de NH, et ND, a 2139, 2062 et 1850 A en presence du propane et ... d_e la n~olecule, au moins lorsque la vibration de deformation angulaire hors-plan, v,, de l'etat ... essentially all the hydrogen atoms produced reacted with ... McNesby et al. ..... R. J. CARTER, W. H. HAMILL, and R. R. WILLIAMS,.


55 m.7,8 Carter and co-workers7 studied the effect of 532 nm excitation spot size .... explosives by using the methods of Dudik et al.53 We neglected to correct the ..... Rodriguez, and K. L. McNesby, J. Raman Spectrosc. 27, 97 (1996). ... 22. V. Vacque, N. Dupuy, B. Sombret, J. P. Huvenne, and P. Legrand, Appl. Spectrosc.