Chas. A. Haile John W. Hunt Thos. J. Kelley S. T. Matteson Jas. Mansell Alex. Mills Noah A. Peck Sam. ... I. A. Potter Geo. Rice Chas. H. Rounds Thos. Riley Thos. Ryan Jas. Ryan Geo. W. Smith L. R. Smith ..... W. Peterson C. H. Peters A. Paine

Jas. M. Armstrong, First Sergeant. O. Augustus Hilton. David W. Shuford,. Ross Green, Q'master ..... Chas. M. Ford Chas. F. Snyder. Corporals: Jas. H. Mastin, Herbert McLaurine, S. M. Stewart, Jr., ..... Peterson, Hiram S., Powell, Hemrica H.,

Chas. N. Morse, Sgt Cornelius McClurg, Cpl. Grant D. Mathers, Cpl. Valentine Gilbert, Cpl. Jas. W. Bothwell, Cpl. Chas. Kelly, Cpl. Nels Peterson, Cpl. Others:.

Oct 1, 2018 ... Pictured from left, first row (sitting): Alfred Cargill, Jas GW Bullard, ... Albert Bizzard, Jas A Young, David Rolle, Ernest R Gibson, Chas A Bethel, Vincent Carey. ... Roberts, Wm A Thompson, Clarence Coakley, Gus Peterson.

The roster of the 49th Iowa Volunteer Infantry during the Spanish American War.

Schultz. J. Downley, Jas. Stuart. Chas. Emerson, J. W. Scougalt. Frank Farrell, J. B. .... Chas. Metcalf, Hostler. F. F. Shaw, Hostler. Erick Peterson, Boiler Washer.

Pentin; 5th ward—Ole Peterson, Chas. Guerno. .... Fourth ward—J. Towers, Jr., Sol Johnson and Chas. ...... A. Pillsbury, Arthur E. Bardwell, Wm. B. Ransom, Jas.

O Donnell, Chas. L. Sergeant. Lieb, WT arren F. Sergeant. 242598. Page 4 . >. CAL*IFt)ltMA -VOL UN. Name. Rank. Loughrey, Jas. ...... Peterson, Henry.

Peterson, John A., "Warren Stone Snow, A Man in Between: The Biography of a Mormon Defender" (1985). All Theses and ...... chas. C chapman & co. 1880 ppap . 340342. 340 thomas. 342 ford A historyqf hastqrxgf .... they then set fire to jas C.