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Oct 10, 2017 ... Case opinion for US Supreme Court ORDER LIST 10/10/17. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.


Court of Appeals of Maryland. Afaf Nassar KHALIFA, et al. v. Michael SHANNON. No. 56, Sept. Term, 2007. Decided: April 09, 2008. Argued before BELL, C.J., RAKER, HARRELL, BATTAGLIA, GREENE, ALAN M. WILNER (Retired, specially assigned), and DALE R. CATHELL (Retired, specially assigned), JJ.William C.


Keith DAMBROT, Plaintiff-Appellant/Cross-Appellee, Lakeith Boyd, et al., Plaintiffs/Cross-Appellees, v. .... At some point after those interviews, a former member of the men's basketball team, Shannon Norris, complained to the university's affirmative action officer, Angela Haddad, regarding Dambrot's use of the N-word ...


BETH ROSENBERG. In Khalifa v. Shannon,1 the Maryland Court of Appeals considered whether Maryland recognizes a cause of action in tort for intentional interference with the parent-child relationship and whether a claimant must show that the interference caused an economic loss to maintain a viable cause of action.2 ...


Darren O. Smith and Bill White Volkswagen-Audi, Inc. v. Kevin M. Cholousky and Tonya R. Williams Date: December 23, 2002. Docket Number: CA02-272. Paul A. Culbreath and Julie Culbreath v. Majoria F. Deshazo et al. Date: December 23, 2002. Docket Number: CA02-311. Conley Transport v. Judy Vallor


Mar 25, 2013 ... Susan L. F. Meyer,* Andrew P. Nyczepir, Shannon M. Rupprecht, Ashaki D. Mitchell, ... Bouton et al., 2001). However, some strains of N. coenophialum produce ergot alkaloids that cause fescue toxicosis in grazing animals (Bacon et al., .... 0.07 g of freeze-dried root exudates in 5 mL of SDI (1.40% w/v).


12/31/07, Stanley F. Collesano v. PFSI Financial Solutions, et al (NFP), 49D02- 0511-PL-045697, 49A05-0611-CV-649. 12/31/07, Harold Brandon Harris v. State of Indiana, 06D01-0512-FB-122, 06A01-0612-CR-573. 12/31/07, Thomas Keller and Shirley Rohrs v. Daniel Keller, 17C01-0405-CC-029, 17A04-0705-CV-255.


DeKruyf, Lorraine; Auger, Richard W.; and Trice-Black, Shannon, "The Role of School Counselors in Meeting Students' Mental ..... et al. (2006) found that professional school counselors are more likely to see themselves as mental health pro- viders, in contrast to school adminis- trators, who were less likely to view.


Jan 30, 2017 ... The yield traits, such as the height of main stem (HMS), total branching number ( TBN), and the pod and seed traits directly contributed to grain yield in peanut ( Holbrook and Stalker 2003; Shirasawa et al. 2012). The 100 pod weight (100PW) , 100 seed weight (100SW), and shelling percentage (SP) are ...