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There are three steps in calculating the slope of a straight line when you are not given its equation. Step One: Identify two points on the line. Step Two: Select one to be (x1, y1) and the other to be (x2, y2). Step Three: Use the slope equation to calculate slope. Take a moment to work through an example where we are given  ...


The slope of a line is rise over run. Learn how to calculate the slope of the line in a graph by finding the change in y and the change in x.


Let's use the examples in the last lesson... We'll use the first one to find a formula. the graph of a line passing through the points ( -2, -1 ), We'll use the letter m for slope. m = rise / run (rise over run). Look at rise/run as ( the change in the y's ) / ( the, the graph of a line passing through the points ( -2, -1 ). Here's the official ...


Interactive lesson with video explanation of how to find the slope of a line given two points or its graph whether the slope is positive, negative or undefined or the line is vertical or horizontal.


Explains the slope concept, demonstrates how to use the slope formula, points out the connection between slopes of straight lines and the graphs of those lines.


Free slope calculator - find the slope of a line given two points, a function or the intercept step-by-step.


Slope, sometimes referred to as gradient in mathematics, is a number that measures the steepness and direction of a line, or a section of a line connecting two points, and is usually denoted by m. Generally, a line's steepness is measured by the absolute value of its slope, m. The larger the value is, the steeper the line.


Calculating Slope. We can tell whether a line's slope is big or small, and whether the slope is positive or negative. But what if we want to compare two big slopes, or two small slopes? We need a more exact definition of slope. Let's start by drawing a line and picking two points on the line. (There's nothing special about this ...


Using two of the points on the line, you can find the slope of the line by finding the rise and the run. The vertical change between two points is called the rise, and the horizontal change is called the run. The slope equals the rise divided by the run: . Finding the Slope of a Line from a Graph. You can determine the slope of a  ...