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California English (or Californian English) collectively refers to American English in California, particularly an emerging youthful variety, mostly associated with ...


scene of surfer from do you speak american? video Valley Girl ... Listen to Dr. Eckert's interview on NPR about N. California speech. Additional Resources


Apr 12, 2017 ... A California accent is about as plain, mainstream American English as you can get. But speaking like a Californian means something else.

Nov 2, 2013 ... But California is so diverse in every way, there are so many accents. Yours sounds like general American, so no I wouldn't have guessed ...


Aug 8, 2017 ... I ceased to be a New Yorker on Sept. 11, 2001. Until that point — although I had lived in Los Angeles for nearly a decade — it seemed possible ...


FOR MAP OF AFFECTED AREA, CLICK HERE LARKFIELD, Calif. (October 18, 2017) – California American Water has advised customers in most areas of .


America's Job Center of CaliforniaSM (AJCC) is your one-stop shop for workforce services, providing a comprehensive range of no-cost employment and ...


Abbreviations: UCPAAE: University of California Publications in American Ethnography and Ethnology; JAFL: The Journal of American Folk-Lore; BAEB: Bureau ...


Dec 6, 2012 ... The California accent. In pop culture, it's one of a few things: The long, slow drawl of the surfer, or how a valley girl ends her sentences, or the ...