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The swim calorie calculator by Endless Pools is a free calculator of swim speed, distance, pace and calories burned.


When you jump in the pool, what kind of workout should you expect? From freestyle to butterfly, here's a look at how many calories swimming burns.


Calories burned swimming calculator - Enter your weight, swim stroke, distance & speed to work out how many calories you burned.


Calories burned swimming calculator on Captain Calculator | Calories burned swimming calculator How are calories burned while swimming calculated?


Sep 2, 2001 ... Lap swimming already burns a respectable 476 calories per hour. But why settle for just that? Take your water workout from OK to ultimate with ...


Sep 29, 2016 ... Use the Just Swim Calorie Cruncher to calculate calories burned during different types of swimming. Then compare how swimming stacks up ...


Calories burned swimming is influenced by body weight, intensity of exercise, conditioning level and metabolism. For the variety of swim strokes and water ...


Feb 16, 2016 ... Swimming is an amazing total body workout. It's good for your heart, muscle tone, and depending on whom you ask, it can be very good for ...


Dec 6, 2011 ... You can use a swimming calculator to estimate how many calories you have burned after each work out. To lose one pound, you need to burn ...