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Sep 12, 2016 ... There isn't really any scientific research that we can point to that is specifically about using hair color products during breastfeeding.


Will it affect breastfeeding my son....don't want any chemicals getting into my ... you can always pump and dump if your worried about it, pump clean milk for baby ... dump it after you dye your hair. im now breastfeeding my two month old baby ...


Advice on using hair dye while pregnant or breastfeeding. ... If you're colouring your hair yourself, you can reduce the risk further by making sure you:.


Jan 10, 2016 ... Personal grooming while breastfeeding: What are the effects of hair coloring ... the nursing mother's use of hair-care products, such as hair dyes and ... More information on personal choices and breastfeeding can be found on ...


You can dye your hair while breastfeeding. You and your baby will be just fine. I' m breast feeding my 4 month old and have already colored twice. "They" say ...


Mar 4, 2017 ... Are Hair Dyes and Treatment Chemicals Safe While Pregnant? ... receiving hair treatments while breastfeeding, it is known that little of the chemicals ... What Precautions Should I Take When Chemically Treating My Hair?


If you're worried about using hair color while breastfeeding, consider opting for ... You can see from my resume that I have a decade of experience writing for the ...


There is no evidence that hair care products (dyes, permanents, ... What about coloring my hair or getting a perm while I am ...


Feb 13, 2008 ... Hair dye or perm “The chemicals from hair dye or perm solutions do not soak into your ... Considering becoming vegan while breastfeeding?