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If there is a custody order in place, can I take my children out of the state? ... The laws on parental kidnapping (also known as custodial interference, child ...


In some cases, spouses move out of state even before the divorce is finalized. However, parents of minor children are not necessarily free to move anywhere ...


Jun 12, 2015 ... If one parent wants to take a child on an out of state vacation and the ... Of course, if this happens, a contempt action can be filed in the court ...


Can I move out with my child as long as there is no custody order from a court? ... This is a time when the father of your child might take you to court. ... then a Massachusetts court can make decisions about your child even if you leave the state.


Jun 15, 2017 ... Doing things without the other parent's consent or knowledge can make ... The opportunity to take your child out of state for a vacation or a visit ...


They may be guilty of a crime like “parental kidnapping” or "custodial interference .” Massachusetts also has laws about taking your child out of state.


For example, parents can agree to share joint physical custody – meaning that both ... A custodial parent that wants to move a child out-of -state must first obtain ... the custodial parent wishes to take your child out of state against your wishes or ...


A typical provision prohibits taking the child out of state--and the jurisdiction of ... noncustodial parent can never take the child on vacation outside of the state.


When there is no custody order in place, neither party can be charged with kidnapping. There is nothing stopping either parent from moving.