The Canadian forestry industry is a major contributor to the Canadian economy. With 42 percent of the land acreage of Canada covered by forests, the country ...


The Canadian Forestry Corps was an administrative corps of the Canadian Army with its own cap badge, and other insignia and traditions. The Canadian ...


Jun 7, 2019 ... Find current lumber prices and other economic data about Canada's forest industry, plus information about how the industry is transforming.


Canadian Forestry Association. Navigation. Who We Are » · Our Roots » · CFA Timeline · Canadian Institute of Forestry · Membership · Contact Us · What We Do  ...


Canada's forest cover represents 30% of the world's boreal forest and 10% of the world's overall forest cover. Learn more about Canadian forests.


Forestry Jobs in Canada is an Internet job board for career opportunities in Canada's forestry and forest products sectors.


Woodbusiness.ca is the online reach of Canadian Forest Industries magazine, Canada's leading national logging and solid wood products magazine since ...


Nov 15, 2017 ... Greenpeace and their cohorts continue to spread false and misleading information about Canada's forest management practices.


Jun 3, 2019 ... New forestry standards must balance human demand for forest products with the value of intact forests for wildlife and climate change.