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Mar 13, 2013 ... The myth of altruism and generosity surrounding Mother Teresa is dispelled in a paper by Serge Larivée and Genevieve Chenard of University ...


Mar 1, 2013 ... The myth of altruism and generosity surrounding Mother Teresa is ... three researchers collected 502 documents on the life and work of Mother ...


Mar 5, 2013 ... Mother Teresa of Calcutta attends a Mass celebrating the day of St. ... but according to a team of Canadian researchers, the Catholic nun ... According to Larivée and colleagues, Mother Teresa's image of altruism is a myth.


Aug 26, 2013 ... A few months ago, a couple of researchers in Canada produced a report entirely critical of Mother Teresa and her work, which predictably ...


Mar 5, 2013 ... Mary Canada ...... The Mother Teresa myth is untouchable in that world. ... After all, most research into evolution is done by scientists who ...


Sep 13, 2017 ... Mother Teresa statue at Shishu Bhavan, one of the houses ... in Religion/ Sciences Religieuses by researchers at two Canadian ... But even before she died, Mother Teresa's saintly prowess turns out to be more myth than matter. .... When haters begun to destroy Brazil, Pope Francis went to Brazil, and said:


May 21, 2008 ... Keating had donated $1.25 million to Mother Teresa in the 1980s, .... /03/ canadian-researchers-demolish-myth-of-mother-teresas-goodness/.


A new study by Canadian academics says Mother Teresa was a product of hype ... The research paper claims that the celebrated nun had 517 missions in 100 ..... to the hospitals, police stations — please don't destroy the child, we will take ...