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ACTIVITY OVERVIEW. Teacher Guide: Have Your DNA and Eat It Too. Abstract: Students build an edible model of DNA while learning basic DNA structure and the rules of base pairing. Module: The Basics and Beyond. Prior Knowledge Needed: DNA contains heritable instructions for building and maintaining an organism.


1. Find out what an actual DNA strand looks like. 2. Learn how nucleotides are formed.


compound in the DNA backbone. In this activity, students will learn about the basic structure of. DNA and the rules of base pairing by building a model of DNA out of licorice and gum drops. Grade Level: 7 – 9. Time Needed: One class period. Learning Objectives. After completing this lesson, students will be able to: 1.

Feb 23, 2013 ... These candy models of the Deoxyribonucleic Acid molecule were created by 6th grade students in my Project Based Inquiry Science class. Note the identifers fo...


Both models represent the major components of a strand DNA. In this activity we will: • Build a model DNA strand. • Analyze the model to see what each of the components represents. • Analyze the model to see what properties of actual DNA are not represented. Model #1 (Candy Model). Materials (Model #1). • 2 pieces of ...


The string should be cut to be about a foot long, although you can make it longer or shorter based on your preferred size of DNA model. Use two pieces of string that are the same length to make the double helix. Make sure you have at least a dozen toothpicks, although ...


Candy DNA Model. In the nucleus, strands of DNA create chromosomes. The DNA molecule codes for all proteins that make up your body. In this lab, you will make a model of the DNA molecule. The DNA molecule is in the shape of a double helix. It is the shape of a twisted ladder. The outside of the ladder is made of sugar ...


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Oct 3, 2017 ... There are many common materials you can use to form the double helix shape of DNA. It's easy to make a DNA model out of candy. Here's how a candy DNA molecule is constructed. Once you've completed the science project, you can eat your model as a snack.